What do I need to do to start an online store?

Is the question I hear over and over from clients who dream of opening their own online boutique but never feel like they’re fully ready.

You want to have an online business which brings you money while you’re busy enjoying your life, getting notifications about incoming sales while you’re in Disney World with your kids. And you know that this lifestyle is completely possible by selling your product which serve and bring joy to people’s lives.


But right now you’re feeling stuck

The prospect of starting your online business is exciting but also completely overwhelming! You don’t have enough funds for a h0liday, let alone a website designer to help you set up the perfect online boutique. 

It’s hard to know what you need to start an online store when you’ve never done it before. 

There’s so much to think about – suppliers, design, packaging, taxes, marketing, social media… the list goes on!

Let me show you where to start

I’ve worked with many business owners like you and helped them start successful online boutiques. 

After talking to many of them, I realised there are five types of issues most entrepreneurs run into when they first start out. 

That is why I decided to create this list of 5 Things you need to start an online store.

This free eBook is going to guide you through the first scary steps and set you on your way to establish a successful boutique online.

It’s completely free – and as well as the ebook download you will receive helpful advice about growing your online store delivered directly to your email!

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