The agency for industry-leading beauty brands

The agency for industry-leading beauty brands

A pretty website is not enough to help you sell your beauty products online.


But so many business owners I meet put all their efforts into creating their perfect product formulations, getting the right packaging, a logo, photo shoots – only to realise they have no idea how to make sales once the products are launched.

An ecommerce website and digital marketing don’t exist in isolation. One needs to work with the other and that is why I decided to work differently as a Shopify designer

A new website

on brand and stylish, but also optimised for conversions, set up for SEO and designed to increase your average order value and reduce abandoned carts.


don’t waste time trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. Instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall, you will have an experienced e-commerce expert on your side.


email capture and systems set up for you, including a Welcome sequence, abandoned cart and promotional emails

Social Media

Never struggle with ideas of what to post again. Have reels and product videos created for you, along with highly converting copy and specific hashtags


free traffic directly from Google using the search terms you actually want users to find you for

Google Ads

Shopping ads listed at the top of the search engine results page, connected via a feed from your website and optimised regularly to bring you the best return on investment

Why you should listen to me?

I am a Chartered Institute of Marketing certified specialist but I don’t think that’s what makes me particularly qualified to work with e-commerce brands. From 2010, I’ve worked with self-started businesses, started by passionate men and women who wanted to create something and had to fight the world to do it. There is a difference in marketing for a Fortune-500 company (and I’ve done that too, when working for iProspect, the global marketing agency) and a bootstrapped business where every penny counts and opportunity doesn’t come easy.

Throughout my career I have worked in every area of digital marketing. I was a copy writer, Google Ads associate, website manager and more. To be honest, I don’t’ know anyone who has real life experience and success in all of those fields.

That is why I want to help brand owners like you – who have the vision, they just need a little help in bringing it to market.

Why hire 6 different agencies and manage their work when I can be your external head of marketing and handle all of that for you?

my clients were featured in:

We could not have launched our clothing company, Branded, into the market without Dominika. We knew we needed a truly knowledgeable e-commerce web designer because our website wasn’t a simple project. We wanted to offer wholesale orders as well as individual pricing for our large product catalogue. Dominika was there with us every step of the way and found a solution for every problem we threw at her – and there were a few!

The website launch exceeded all of our expectations. Branded is doing from strength to strength, both in terms of traffic and sales. In fact, we just got notified our store is in the top 1% of all sites launched on Shopify that week.

– Tai Ilori, Branded

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