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GDPR Privacy Policy Cheatsheet

GDPR Privacy Policy Cheathsheet

This guide is as close to a copy-and-paste privacy policy you can get for your website to get your back covered from GDPR.

Simply fill in the blanks with details specific to your online store and it’s sorted!

(PDF file downloads from Google Drive)


Instagram content planning mini-course

This course has helped hundreds of people around the world plan Instagram content for their product-based business. 

(Email course delivered over 5 days)

Email marketing 101

Delivered as part of training for Woking Works in 2020. This presentation covers

  • How to grow your mailing list
  • How to use email to make sales
  • The techy bit (how to actually make it work)
  • What to send
  • And how you know if you’re doing it right

(Download from Google Drive)

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