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Sell your products online with a new Shopify website built in just one week

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Dominika Tracy

Our signature web design service. We’ll build a site that sells for you (even in your sleep), spikes traffic, and boosts conversions. 

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Shopify Web Design

Work one on one with our founder to create a from-scratch website design that truly represents your unique brand. We’ll design and develop your entire responsive, e-commerce website from start to finish. You’ll be included every step of the way in our process to ensure a cohesive, innovative and satisfying web design experience.

Time to ditch the website envy

Let me guess… Every time time you see another product-based business with a gorgeous website, you feel inadequate and spend more time than you’d like to admit adoring it from afar…

You know your products are top tier but you’re losing sales because your website just doesn’t do them justice. 


Get your own stand-out Shopify website

Imagine having a website that makes sales happen

I know how hard it is to create the website you envision. I know exactly what’s involved in the design process, creating the perfect user experience and coding the features that make you stand out in the crowd. And let’s not even get started on the tech!

It’s no wonder you keep putting your website on the back-burner! That’s to end today…


One Day

Change one day to today! 

You don’t need to wait to give yourself permission to invest in a high quality e-commerce website for your products.

And you don’t need to waste one more day trying to DIY web design instead of focusing on your actual job of growing your brand.

A beautiful, highly-converting and SEO optimised Shopify website is now within reach.

Meet your new, high-converting website

Replace DIY templates that don’t speak to your business brand or personality and enjoy confidence knowing your Website shouts your unique brand and services, brings visitors from search engines and brings you sales.

“The compliments on our site keep coming even months from launch and the sales are flying in! Highly recommend Dominika.”


Our process







You will receive a detailed questionnaire which will help me understand your style and brand. Using my step by step walk guide, you will also prepare all your content, to make sure we have everything ready to finish your website in just one week.


Next, we’ll deliver a beautiful, functional optimised for desktop and mobile and developed to the highest standards of UX and conversion optimisation. 


On Day 3 of the project, You’ll send us your feedback and we’ll make two rounds of revisions per page.


On Day 5, we’ll fine-tune and transfer your site so you’re ready to launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this custom design?

Your Shopify website will be completely unique and designed to perfectly reflect your brand. We use pre-built themes to structure our designs on and add some special touches to make it stand out and help you make more sales. If you are interested in a completely custom design, please contact me at and I’ll be able to advise you further. 

I don't have any branding. Can I still book?

The Shopify Website Intensive is only suitable for businesses who already have their branding in place. If you need help with branding, our team member Ashley will be happy to assist you!

I want to add a special function to my website

Our website comes equiped with all the functionality most stores need but, if you have an idea you want to put in place or a special action for your store, this can usually be achieved with some custom code or an extra app. These are not included in the intensive package but we can discuss ways of adding it to your site. 

Does it really only take one week?

Yes! And you will be amazed how much you can achieve in such short period of time! Most of the time in a web design process is taken up by the back-and-forth between the agency and the client. By getting all the prep work done in advance – and by focusing our efforts on the process for this one week – we can deliver a completely ready, beautiful Shopify website in just one week. 

Do you provide the template?

If you have a specific Shopify template you want to use, you can just deliver it directly to the site before we start building it. Otherwise, we suggest a couple of recommended options for you to purchase, or use a free template if you prefer. 

Are you ready for your Shopify website?

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