The only thing more tricky than writing a good Instagram bio must be writing your Tinder profile. Ugh. If this is what you’re struggling with at the moment, I feel your pain, sister.

But, after many, many tweaks , experiments and hours of research I believe I found the secret formula to writing the perfect Instagram bio and I’m going to share it with you here. You’re welcome.

First of all, let’s establish what your Instagram bio is really there for. It’s your one, extremely brief opportunity to introduce yourself to new potential followers and let them know why they should make the extreme effort of lifting their finger to press the Follow button.

What it is not:

🚫 A chance for you to talk about your favourite food

🚫 To tell us your cat’s name

🚫 To list 17 different jobs you do (so you’re a life coach, real estate agent AND an actress??)

The perfect Instagram bio formula goes as follows:

Call out your ideal client + identify a problem they struggle with + show you have a solution

The best way to do it is with an I help  statement.

So for example:

I help busy mums lose their pregnancy weight in 2 months without going to the gym.

I help Etsy store owners make more sales.

I help spiritual women discover their chakras so they can improve their sex life.

Etc etc.

The point is be specific and offer genuine solutions. So, for example, don’t say:

I help women find their inner goddess – because literally no one knows what that actually means. Tell me how you’re actually going to improve my life and why I should care about my inner goddess, if that is your thing.

Emojis for the perfect Instagram bio

Let’s not pretend, emojis make everything better. They add an element of fun to even the most boring text (please don’t take this as my advice to include emojis in your next client invoice – there are limits).

But they definitely have an important place in instagram bios – to break the text up, make it more visual and personal. Think of creative ways you could express your message via the medium of emoji, like a unicorn, teacher or dollar sign.

Make it easily scannable

Many people wonder how to add line breaks in their Instagram bio (or why Instagram makes it so difficult). The very simple trick to do this is to write your bio using the Notes app on your phone and copy and paste it from there.

Include a link

Ultimately, Instagram should be just one of the methods you use to get people to your website and on your mailing list, not just an art in itself. The one space you’re offered in your bio to include a link is the most important element of this whole puzzle and you need to choose it wisely.

This is the place where you ideally want to promote your free offer which is connected to your mailing list sign up. Offer an incentive to click on the link and make sure you mention it’s free (if it is).

I am not a fan of Linktree for this, and I write more about my reasons for this here.

I also don’t recommend URL shorteners like for your bio lin, as many people won’t click on a link these days if they don’t know what to expect from it. Include the whole URL or use Pretty Links to make it look like something a human being created and not just a random string of letters.


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