The perfect landing page

You may have heard it called ‘landing page’ or ‘sales page’ or even ‘squeeze page’ (that one is a little weird) but essentially it comes down to the same thing: getting the site visitor to exchange something of value in return for your product.

It’s the art of selling on your website and you need to learn how to do it!


Here’s a few things to bear in mind when you design a landing page for your website:

Eliminate all links and distractions that don’t lead to whatever path you want your visitor to take. That means no suggested products, no alternative buttons, hell, even no menu at the top or bottom of the page. Image your site visitor is completely drunk at the time of visiting your website. You need to take them by the hand and take them to the exit without getting lost in a blind alley somewhere.

Make the top 20% of the page a sales pitch in itself. About 60% of your site visitors will never see anything that follows after it. Whatever is above the fold (before you have to scroll down) has to attract attention, explain what the product is and what problem it solves.

Don’t put text in columns. No one reads two columns online. They read one or the other and keep scrolling down.

Use headers to make sure the text is scannable. Again, most people don’t really read online, they just scan the text. Make it easy for them.

Include social proof like testimonials, press mentions or reviews. Humans need to know others also want this thing they’re about to buy and they enjoyed it.

FAQs is often what closes the deal on a sales page. If your visitor scrolled to the bottom of the page, is still engaged and interested, but has a niggling worry about your product they may decide to avoid the risk and simply leave. Make sure you pre-answer any questions they may have. Bonus points if you also make it easy for them to ask more questions without navigating away (that’s why you want a chat on your site).

Do you have any more questions about landing pages? Leave me a comment below and I’ll happily answer all of them!

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