The perfect landing page

The perfect landing page

The perfect landing page

You may have heard it called ‘landing page’ or ‘sales page’ or even ‘squeeze page’ (that one is a little weird) but essentially it comes down to the same thing: getting the site visitor to exchange something of value in return for your product.

It’s the art of selling on your website and you need to learn how to do it!


Here’s a few things to bear in mind when you design a landing page for your website:

Eliminate all links and distractions that don’t lead to whatever path you want your visitor to take. That means no suggested products, no alternative buttons, hell, even no menu at the top or bottom of the page. Image your site visitor is completely drunk at the time of visiting your website. You need to take them by the hand and take them to the exit without getting lost in a blind alley somewhere.

Make the top 20% of the page a sales pitch in itself. About 60% of your site visitors will never see anything that follows after it. Whatever is above the fold (before you have to scroll down) has to attract attention, explain what the product is and what problem it solves.

Don’t put text in columns. No one reads two columns online. They read one or the other and keep scrolling down.

Use headers to make sure the text is scannable. Again, most people don’t really read online, they just scan the text. Make it easy for them.

Include social proof like testimonials, press mentions or reviews. Humans need to know others also want this thing they’re about to buy and they enjoyed it.

FAQs is often what closes the deal on a sales page. If your visitor scrolled to the bottom of the page, is still engaged and interested, but has a niggling worry about your product they may decide to avoid the risk and simply leave. Make sure you pre-answer any questions they may have. Bonus points if you also make it easy for them to ask more questions without navigating away (that’s why you want a chat on your site).

Do you have any more questions about landing pages? Leave me a comment below and I’ll happily answer all of them!

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30 Best hidden Instagram Story Gifs

30 Best hidden Instagram Story Gifs

30 Best hidden Instagram Story Gifs

Last Updated:
Dec 1, 2021

Why does Instagram make everything so hard?? Take Instagram Story gifs for example – the best ones are hidden deep in the app! And the only way to find them is by searching the author…

The problem is, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s impossible to find the right sticker. So, to make things easier, I created this list of my favourite Instagram Story gifs or stickers for you.

How to use this list of Instagram Story Gifs?

Keep this page saved in your browser or save it to your Pinterest. When you want to post a story on your Instagram, you will have it handy to browse the style of gifs you want.

When you go to upload your story, press this icon:

add gif to instagram story icon

Next, press GIF and when a search function appears at the top you just need to copy and paste the name from this list!

Enjoy it and let me know in the comments which one is your favourite! If you try this on your Instagram, don’t forget to tag me at @dominikatracy ❤️

1. Boho

2. Anchetulil

3. Aesthetic

4. Vipapier

5. Berries

6. Haley Ivers

7. Lidiaontheroad

8. White dreams

9. Merelscorner

10. Boho white

11. Lizaproach

12. Nhena

13. Zoewodarz

14. Helenbucher

15. Fookplo

16. Studiojonesie

17. Prosadecora

18. Muchable

19. Rizzylydick

20. Natgracecreates

21. Olly Kit

22. Aurage

23. Anacepec

24. Friendsbynora

25. Zoesugg

26. Victoriagarza

27. Sasa Elebea

28. Madgenfou

29. Sarama

30. Twentyseven

30 best Instagram stickers

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I created this free Mini Course for product-based business owners to master creating engaging content for Instagram. Would you like to receive it?


Instagram Story idea for product shots

Instagram Story idea for product shots

Cool Instagram Story Idea for product shots

If you’re struggling to create Instagram content for your product shop, I have some ideas for you!

Being creative and making your Instagram stories stand out is the best way to get attention on social media and attract site visitors to your store. 

If you try this on your Instagram, don’t forget to tag me at @dominikatracy ❤️

Is Wix good for online store?

Is Wix good for online store?

Is Wix good for online store?

First of all, full disclosure: I have never been a fan of Wix as a content management system. What I dislike about it is the false promises it makes to people wanting to start their online business. Its adverts (which are EVERYWHERE) will lead you to believe that you can start a website for next to nothing, without the help of a designer and make money from it right away.

Well, 2 of those things are nearly true.

First of all, Wix is by far not the cheapest option to build a website. 100% of the people I spoke to who were planning to build their website on Wix believed that it was free. Is that true? Well, kinda… It’s free if you don’t plan on using it as a business website. If you want to use your own domain name (e.g., have your logo on the site or to be able to do pretty much anything with your website – you do have to pay.

Wix hidden charges

And here’s where Wix really annoys me. Their pricing structure is intentionally complex and misleading. Firstly, their advertised prices relate to annual plans. If you want to pay for your website monthly (you know, to keep your cost down or to see if this business is worth committing to for a year) – it will cost you at least 30% more. Secondly, they offer nine different plans and tiers, making it really hard to work out what level of service you actually need.

And thirdly – what I find grossly unfair about Wix – is the number of hidden charges and extra payments you really need, if you want to run a proper business website, makes it probably one of the most expensive website builders in the market.

To compare, extra features, which on Wix are only available with additional apps (mostly paid ones) – are included for free with WordPress, Squarespace or Shopify. We’re talking decent form builders, SEO optimisation and most of the standard ecommerce features, which are pretty basic things for any website worth the binary code it’s written on.

​Wix is not a DIY tool

And on to my second reason why I hate Wix – their promise of a stunning website which anyone can create without the help of a web designer. I know what you’re thinking – I’m a designer so of course I’d say you have to hire a designer to have a good website.

But that’s not where I’m coming from at all.

I have spoken to many people who couldn’t afford my services and I always recommend Squarespace over Wix if they wanted to design their own website.

And I have had many clients coming to me and asking me to improve their Wix websites – and I politely declined.

And I can tell you with complete certainty – I have never seen a good Wix website which was DIY-ed. I have seen countless horrible Wix sites which were beyond saving and I have seen some really pretty Wix sites, which were professionally designed (like the ones by my friend from Fresh Leaf Creative).

So – can you have a well designed Wix site? Probably, but you will have to hire someone to do it for you.

Is Wix good for an online store?

It’s hard to imagine what makes a truly successful ecommerce store if you’ve never set one up before. A store is a store, right? You just need to make your product pictures look pretty and have the ability to charge people money… If this is the way you look at ecommerce, Wix can indeed look like a decent option.

But there is so much more to a good online store than that.

Let me tell you about an online fashion boutique I worked with, set up on – you guessed it – Wix!

The owner built the site herself and was very pleased with it. She had a good eye for design, having designed her entire clothesline and the site was really quite attractive.

But it wasn’t making any money.

She didn’t understand where she was going wrong. The brand was doing really well on Instagram, the photos of her clothes were being shared, followers were in their thousands and everyone was saying they loved the product.

But a quick look at her Analytics revealed a whole host of problems with the website.

Hundreds of people were visiting the site every day, mostly from Instagram. But the conversion rate (the number of site visitors who were converting into paying customers) was below 0.5%. In other words, for every thousand people visiting her website, only about 5 people were actually buying anything.

When I looked into the website it became obvious why that was the case. The path from homepage to actual product was complex and unclear, the product page was missing crucial information, the checkout was confusing and there seemed to be no email integration. Forget anything more fancy like currency conversion, product upsell or custom collections.

The worst part? She was already deep in debt and paying hefty Wix fees for a website which wasn’t bringing her any money.

Fortunately, I was able to convince her to ditch Wix and start a high end fashion online store on Shopify. I transferred her domain (so she kept her web address) and redirected all site visitors to her new fully optimised online fashion boutique.

What happened next was pure ecommerce magic.

Her online conversion rates went up immediately. Not only that, but her new email integration, which I created from scratch, started generating 40% of her revenue – that’s money which simply didn’t exist before in her business as she wasn’t using email other than for her monthly newsletter.

Both her old online store and the new one were using the same images, her advertising didn’t change – but the results were like night and day.

Was the move worth it? You betcha!

So, are you thinking of starting an online store with Wix?

Essentially, Wix is a website builder, with the ecommerce function added to it. It wasn’t created for selling online and will never be as good as the other systems out there which were created specifically with ecommerce in mind.

Having said that, there may be cases where a online store on Wix is in fact all you need – if you’re not planning to grow for example, or just want to sell a digital product on your existing Wix site. It can work well and the drag and drop builder is as easy as it gets.

But – if you are serious about selling online and want this thing to actually make you money – start as you mean to go on and get yourself a good ecommerce store on WordPress or Shopify.

I created a free eBook to let you quickly check if you’re ready to open your online store.

Drop your email here and I’ll send it to you!

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How to write the perfect Instagram bio

How to write the perfect Instagram bio

How to write the perfect Instagram bio

The only thing more tricky than writing a good Instagram bio must be writing your Tinder profile. Ugh. If this is what you’re struggling with at the moment, I feel your pain, sister.

But, after many, many tweaks , experiments and hours of research I believe I found the secret formula to writing the perfect Instagram bio and I’m going to share it with you here. You’re welcome.

First of all, let’s establish what your Instagram bio is really there for. It’s your one, extremely brief opportunity to introduce yourself to new potential followers and let them know why they should make the extreme effort of lifting their finger to press the Follow button.

What it is not:

🚫 A chance for you to talk about your favourite food

🚫 To tell us your cat’s name

🚫 To list 17 different jobs you do (so you’re a life coach, real estate agent AND an actress??)

The perfect Instagram bio formula goes as follows:

Call out your ideal client + identify a problem they struggle with + show you have a solution

The best way to do it is with an I help  statement.

So for example:

I help busy mums lose their pregnancy weight in 2 months without going to the gym.

I help Etsy store owners make more sales.

I help spiritual women discover their chakras so they can improve their sex life.

Etc etc.

The point is be specific and offer genuine solutions. So, for example, don’t say:

I help women find their inner goddess – because literally no one knows what that actually means. Tell me how you’re actually going to improve my life and why I should care about my inner goddess, if that is your thing.

Emojis for the perfect Instagram bio

Let’s not pretend, emojis make everything better. They add an element of fun to even the most boring text (please don’t take this as my advice to include emojis in your next client invoice – there are limits).

But they definitely have an important place in instagram bios – to break the text up, make it more visual and personal. Think of creative ways you could express your message via the medium of emoji, like a unicorn, teacher or dollar sign.

Make it easily scannable

Many people wonder how to add line breaks in their Instagram bio (or why Instagram makes it so difficult). The very simple trick to do this is to write your bio using the Notes app on your phone and copy and paste it from there.

Include a link

Ultimately, Instagram should be just one of the methods you use to get people to your website and on your mailing list, not just an art in itself. The one space you’re offered in your bio to include a link is the most important element of this whole puzzle and you need to choose it wisely.

This is the place where you ideally want to promote your free offer which is connected to your mailing list sign up. Offer an incentive to click on the link and make sure you mention it’s free (if it is).

I am not a fan of Linktree for this, and I write more about my reasons for this here.

I also don’t recommend URL shorteners like for your bio lin, as many people won’t click on a link these days if they don’t know what to expect from it. Include the whole URL or use Pretty Links to make it look like something a human being created and not just a random string of letters.


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